In the first couple of months following completion of the classroom learning you will be assigned to projects. In order to create the best match for our Engineers and clients we carry out a cultural fit assessment, which can involve clients visiting the office to meet Ten10 Engineers and get more of a feel for the Academy programme.

As part of the assessment it normally will involve interviews for Ten10 Engineers with a number of clients.

Other elements that make up the remainder of the training and continued learning for the 2-year programme include:

  • Online training courses:

    • We have our very own programme of testing specific online training courses that have been developed by our Ten10 tutors. These use similar learning principles to the classroom but simply applied online, so plenty of exercises and tasks to check and validate learning.  

    • We offer additional online training courses through Perkbox where there are over 150 training modules covering personal development, management and leadership and much more.

  • Agile Career Teams (ACT):

    • Every graduate is assigned an Agile Career Team (ACT) to support their career development. The ACTs are designed to provide a broad source of people, experience and time that each individual can draw on to influence their careers and to help ensure knowledge is shared and leveraged across the company.

  • Industry qualification:

    • Undertaking studying and entry for the industry standard, ISTQB qualification

  • Mentoring:

    • We have a company-wide mentoring programme where mentees and mentors are matched depending on the skills or areas of personal development that they wish to focus on.  

  • Professional development:

    • Graduates are encouraged to attend test community meetups to further develop their industry knowledge and to keep up-to-date with latest developments and best practice. These are typically out-of-hours evening events but they are normally accompanied with pizza and beer!


"Our Ten10 Engineers are trained across a range of methodologies and approaches; from agile software delivery methods, exploratory testing and risk-based testing right through to web technology, databases, software development, test automation and performance testing". ASH GAWTHORP, Solutions Director, Ten10

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