The initial training for Ten10 Engineers comprises of 6 weeks? intensive classroom learning, which is taught from Ten10?s dedicated training facility in Leeds.

The training and course materials are Ten10?s own IP and are ever-evolving to keep pace with industry best-practice, new tools and client needs. Ten10?s own ILM-certified trainers are also senior test consultants with extensive industry experience. This combination of teaching skills and real-world experience ensures context is given to the theory with real-life examples.

The training combines academic theory with hands-on application of knowledge. This is complemented by both individual and group learning exercises together with modules that focus on the softer consultancy skills, all of which ensure Ten10 Engineers are equipped with the necessary skills to hit the ground running and add immediate value for clients.

Ten10 Engineers are assessed throughout the training by; regular exercises, assignments and exams, all of which help to verify the learning is successful and identify if there is additional support or training required.

"The core training is provided across a set of open-source tools used throughout the industry. However, we believe it is more important to teach the concepts of the craft - applicable to any tool. For example, in test automation we teach automation using Selenium Webdriver in Java - but concepts such as synchronisation - waiting for a specific state change rather than just adding sleep time is a best practice that should be applied irrespective of the underlying tool."ASH GAWTHORP, Academy Services Director, Ten10
Course Content
Introduction to the Academy Overview of the Academy, assessment & expectations
Introduction to Agile Agile manifesto, principles and philosophy; a simulated practical Agile project
Foundations of Testing Introduction to testing; approaches, design & techniques; practical testing
Introduction to Enterprise IT IT Architecture, CI, CD, Virtualisation, Cloud, Enterprise IT Roles
Foundations of Technical Testing The Web (HTML, CSS, HTTP, protocols); version control; databases; APIs
Introduction to Performance Testing Concepts of performance testing; terms, test types, TVM, tuning strategies
Foundations of Automation (Java) Essential programming; automated test techniques; Selenium Webdriver.
Introduction to Exploratory Testing The Exploratory Testing (ET) approach; different ET styles; performing ET
Introduction to Mobile Testing Mobile test approach; challenges & solutions; practical mobile testing
Introduction to DevOps "living in the Pipeline", DevOps tooling, infrastructure automation, CI, CD, quality and reliability engineering
Effective Test Professionals Leadership, communication, self-awareness, self-development
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